September 17, 2016

Our trip to the Grand Canyon

A travelogue by Bhargavi Singampalli

Grand Canyon! It is one of the spots worth seeing in the US, in the state of Nevada. It is somewhat of a long drive, about 7 hours by car from Chino Hills, LA.

Of course, we had taken a break at Vegas for a two-day stay with my nephew's family, it being a weekend. It is a 4-hour journey to there. On the way, we deviated from our route towards a remote place called Kelso. We traveled through a desert...a nice experience. Here and there, at a distance, we saw sand rising like a small cloud due to the wind. One or two times, it crossed our road also, making the road hazy for a few seconds. Rocky hills were brick-red sometimes, due to past volcanic effects. The succulent Joshua trees are spread all over, throughout, adding greenery to the desert.

Driving through the Mojave desert to Las Vegas

Kelso Railway Station bore historic memories dating back to the times of world wars, and was used for transporting arms and ammunition. There is a museum also, highlighting the incidents and personalities of the war time.

Kelso Depot

After two days in Vegas, we started our travel to Grand Canyon, a journey that takes 4 hours by road. Within an hour, we reached Hoover dam, a huge structure built to check the violent flow of the huge river Colorado. At Hoover dam, a bridge was built over the canyon, through which the river is passing- now peacefully, the dam curtailing its vigor.It is a sort of breath-taking sight, to see the bridge very high up, joining two hill-tops.

From there, we started to the Grand Canyon- some 3 hours ahead. Soon after, we entered Arizona state, after crossing the bridge. Most of the stretch of the journey passes over hilly areas and through canyons and sometimes plains. Beautiful dusk colors of the sky capture the  heart.

Finally we reached the destination by evening. We spent the night in the nearby village hotel. The next day morning we went to visit the Canyon. It is really a spectacular view. The majestic Colorado is seen flowing through the depths of the Canyon, now silently and serene, with twists and turns. People say that the Canyon is formed due to the constant flow of the river in its wrath of the highest degree, over the mountains for ages. The Canyon  stands as a nice habitat for nice flora and fauna. Some native tribes have also been living there, and had grown vegetation also. There is also a museum about the Canyon there.

Our hotel foyer

Anyway, it is a memorable gift of Nature to mankind.

By evening, we started back to LA, Except for the scorching hot weather, the trip went well.

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SLN said...

Beautiful description Vadina! The photos are good and you look quite the explorer/adventurer/tourist.